Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book 3- Cover Contest

My graphics guru, Leah, came up with several book cover choices for Lace’s Legacy, the third book in the Lacy series.  Lacy’s Lane (available at Amazon now), Lacy’s Life (coming soon) and finally Lacy’s Legacy (currently writing).
I loved both of these covers and couldn’t choose, so wanted my readers to have a chance to choose the cover they like the best. The one with the most votes goes to press! 
Thank you! You’ll make my decision easy since they are both gorgeous! Thank you Leah Banicki for your lovely work!

Please feel free to vote for your favorite by commenting on this blog post or voting on my facebook page. 

These are just the examples. The finished product I'm told will be better quality. (Graphics guru wanted that added.)

I hope you have enjoyed Lacy's Lane, book 2, Lacy's Life should be available in a few months, currently writing book three.

You can find Lacy's Lane on amazon.  

Lacy's Life is Coming Soon!